Work Process

Identify Needs

Our team first goes through a sit-down with the client to identify needs. We read between the lines and isolate critical “Pain Points” in our customer’s experience and make this the cornerstone of our solution.

Create Process Flow

Once the PAIN POINTS are identified the next step we do is create Process Flow to develop solutions that comprehensively address the needs.

Write Operating Procedures

Today the key to success for any SMEs or MEMEs or for the matter any business process is its SOP. So, in eMedha we before start our real technical documentation we write the Operating Procedures for our client needs.

Develop Work Plan

The very next step for a successful deployment is Develop a clear Work Plan. In eMedha we have experts to develop the Work Plan in such a way that every NEEDS of the client is addressed.

Technical Research

We then thoroughly study the different approaches currently present to solve a particular need, and develop an in-house solution that is optimal and produces significant results.

Deliver & Maintain

In eMedha we strictly and meticulously deliver on time and as well maintain the system thereafter with atmost care. Today we can proudly say we solve any complex problem of our client within 1 business working day.